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Swandro Dig Diary: Racing Against Time and Tide

By Team Swandro, Aug 19 2017 05:42PM

Since we’re not digging at the moment I thought this might be a good time to catch you all up on some of the background to the dig, so that when we come back (hopefully – subject to funding) next July you’ll all be up to speed and ready to dive right in to the regular dig diary.

If we were still on site we wouldn’t be digging today anyway as it’s a Saturday, so if it helps you can pretend we’re still digging but this is our day off – puts me in mind of seeing a Motörhead gig many years ago when they’d just had The Bomber stolen - the inimitable Lemmy announced that even if the Bomber hadn’t been stolen they wouldn’t have been able to get it in as the hall as was too small, so we should just imagine that it was parked up on the lorry outside:

You may need to work with me on this one!

Anyway back to the archaeology – as regular readers will know one of the most threatened parts of the site is our Neolithic chambered tomb

By Team Swandro, Jul 25 2017 07:18PM

Firstly apologies for the absence of a dig diary yesterday: we had lots of Open Day pictures ready to go but we had no internet connection. This is a bit of an occupational hazard here – Orkney has the dubious distinction of being top of the list of places in Scotland with the slowest internet connection (Shetland came second), and when you’re a long way from the telephone exchange like we are, the problems can be worse. We’ve got a very patchy connection tonight so I’m writing this fast before it goes down again.

We had a great Open Day and thank you so much to everyone who came out to visit us –the 10.45am boat from Tingwall on Sunday was full, and most of them were coming over to visit us and a lot of folk from Rousay too – we had about 180 folk down to see us.

It was a great day for it too, dry & warm and the site looked great

By Team Swandro, Jul 21 2017 08:32PM

Another glorious sunny day if a bit breezy, but today was a big day for two of our Swandro stars Rose and Bonnie, who had to leave early to get to their graduation – first class honours for both of them, and don’t they scrub up well!

Congratulations guys – but don’t go wearing those shoes on site now!

Getting back to the archaeology

By Team Swandro, Jul 18 2017 09:26PM

After the wet & windy weather of the last few days we’re back to scorching hot again – it was 21 degrees in Rousay today!

We’ve been overrun by the world’s media after all the fuss about our Roman coin: OK maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but we have had Huw Williams over doing interviews for both Radio Scotland and Radio Orkney. Here he is talking to one of our site directors Julie Bond (not that you can really tell it’s her with the hat & shades):

We’ve also had some video of site taken by the UHI

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