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Swandro Dig Diary: Racing Against Time and Tide


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By Team Swandro, Jul 17 2017 08:52PM

Windy & wet today but who cares – our Roman coin is an international star!

The BBC started it off with a piece on the BBC news website, but the world’s media are beating a path to our door... well maybe not literally, only the Orcadian, our local paper, is actually going to come out to site, but we’ve got the Times, The Herald and the New York Archaeology magazine wanting photos, plus Steve’s going to be live on Radio Scotland tomorrow! Who would’ve believed one coin could cause so much fuss.

The press release has gone out, with a nice pic of the coin:

By Team Swandro, Jul 13 2017 07:08PM

Following our star find yesterday of our Roman coin, we thought you might like to see a picture of Structure 3 today, this is the building where we're getting a lot of metalworking debris which is getting our archaeometallurgist very excited

Have been doing a bit of research into Roman coins, a subject about which I know nothing, and there’s more than you think from Orkney

By Team Swandro, Jul 12 2017 08:21PM

Another scorching hot day in Rousay and a day of great excitement. Firstly the entrance passageway to the chambered tomb is cleaning up a treat, this photo’s taken looking down the passageway from the top of the inside of the tomb. The bones you can see at the end of the passage are sheep bones (not human!) from the Late Iron Age or Viking levels.

Sheep bones are all very well but not terribly exciting unless you happen to be an archaeozoologist – I mean one dead sheep’s much the same as the next to me, whether it’s a thousand years old or last night’s chops, however we’ve had a really AMAZING find today..

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