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Swandro Dig Diary: Racing Against Time and Tide


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Dig diary Sunday 30th July 2017

By Team Swandro, Jul 30 2017 06:58PM

Everyone here at Team Swandro wants to send a huge thank you to all our supporters who have donated over the course of the dig to our ‘Save our Finds trailer’ appeal.

The good news is that thanks to your generosity we have raised the £1,500 we needed to buy the trailer: here it is posing for a photo before being taken off site to spend a winter in a friendly shed, storing lots of our equipment for us and having a well-deserved rest before next season:

The site is now safely backfilled ready for the winter

You’d never know that we’d been here:

Hopefully that will protect the site from the worst of the damage over the winter – a lot depends on which way the wind’s blowing.

Now a correction to previous diaries: one of our loyal readers has queried my repeated use of leather-clad hunks with axes to illustrate entries on the Vikings with the following comment:

'Everyone knows that the Vikings all looked like Robert Plant, circa 1973. Blonde Insolence. Sigh'.

As I’ve said before I believe in giving our readership what they want - this is for you BB, you know who you are!

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