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Swandro Dig Diary: Racing Against Time and Tide

By Team Swandro, Jul 23 2017 08:26PM

Brilliant sunny day for our Open Day and the crowds flocked to see us - we hope everyone who came enjoyed it, we were glad to see so many people turn out.

If you didn't make it over here's a couple of videos of site director Julie Bond giving you a virtual guided tour:

That's part1 keep going, there's more!

By Team Swandro, Jul 22 2017 07:26PM

Another day of glorious sunshine and tropical heat here in Rousay, hope the weather stays as good for our Open Day tomorrow. We’ve been working today to coincide with the Open Days at the Skaill Dig, but it’s not all been hard work.

It’s very important for all the students and volunteers to know what’s going on with the site - it’s very easy on any dig to get stuck with your head down a hole somewhere & have no idea what’s happening in the rest of the site. Steve & Julie (our esteemed & glorious leaders) always make a point of organising regular site tours: here’s supervisor Bobby Friel explaining s the complexity of structure 2 the Iron Age building with the Stone lined tank (otherwise known as the Peedie Roundhouse):

You can see how keen those students are...

By Team Swandro, Jul 21 2017 08:32PM

Another glorious sunny day if a bit breezy, but today was a big day for two of our Swandro stars Rose and Bonnie, who had to leave early to get to their graduation – first class honours for both of them, and don’t they scrub up well!

Congratulations guys – but don’t go wearing those shoes on site now!

Getting back to the archaeology

By Team Swandro, Jul 20 2017 08:36PM

I’ve just been reading the Ness of Brodgar dig diary and they’ve had a special find today – a little bit of possibly Early Bronze Age incense cup, all very exciting if you like Bronze Age pottery.

Well we’ve had a very special find today too – and ours is a whole lot bigger: an anvil from Structure 4:

This was found set upright in the ground

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